Best Practices for Hosting a WordPress

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WordPress is a great tool but, to work well, it requires the right resources, come on, like any content manager. WordPress itself requires very few resources but how many people do you know who use a WordPress to hair? Little or none. Most people look for a template that is not a Standard one, and always install some plugin that does something special. In short, although WordPress requires some [...]

HOW TO Resize Image in WordPress

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The issue of resizing images in your WordPress is always a little hard because, although the homogeneity in any blog, magazine or online media in general is one of the things that squeal most to the user, almost never do any case. In fact, there are a lot of blogs and media, some more amateur than others, that do not follow homogeneity either in form or concept, and of [...]


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WordPress stands out as one of the best platforms for blogs, it is a content manager used daily by large numbers of users. However, there is one drawback that it must constantly face: spam. Among the most used forms of spam, the comments of the different publications are accentuated. It becomes something quite annoying, problematic and even invasive for people who actively participate with your content. Many times, the [...]

Getting Started with WordPress in 6 steps

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Let me guess. You're going to create a website. You already know the subject matter, the content you want to add and what you are going to sell on it. So you're ready to start, right? But wait a minute. You don't know how to get started with WordPress ? This article will help you with the process. Today I come with my technological sherpa cape to tell you [...]

Top 3 Plugins for Creating an Editorial Calendar in WordPress


I believe that having a calendar for your content is one of the main steps in your content marketing planning.  Today, we're going to show you 3 plugins to create an editorial calendar in WordPress. For example, I'm used to working with several tools at the same time (I even use a computer with 2 monitors and notebook). They are essential tools like Evernote for important notes, Chrome, Outlook, [...]

How to view your WordPress editorial calendar


Do you have a WordPress in which a multitude of authors coexist? Do you always have problems when it comes to knowing when each one of the authors has to write and on what subjects? Honestly, WordPress has many functions that make it very easy for us to write and program content on our website, but what is said in terms of organization among multiple users, the thing flakes [...]

What is the ideal length of A Blog Post


A shorter and more concentrated post, of medium length and more balanced or longer and more dispersed ? The length of blog articles has always created debate in the world of blogging. And no less, it can be the difference between taking the top positions of Google or being relegated to the inner pages of search engine. blog entry length When I talk about bloggers and their blogs, almost [...]



I believe that the blog is a form of communication that has three components: IT IS WRITTEN BY AND FOR PEOPLE This sounds a little obvious, but here I mean the tone. A blog is written with a personal touch. The opposite of this personal touch is writing it in the impersonal or corporate tone used in generic press releases. The tone is close, honest and more like an [...]

What is a blog and how can it help your company?


In an age where web visibility is everything, every company should always pay close attention to the dynamics of the Internet and what potential customers want from it. From this point of view, the blog is an extremely powerful marketing tool, able to bring numerous benefits not only to a level of user engagement, but also to a level of fundamental positioning on search engines such as Google. So [...]

Writing Tips: How to find a new article idea ?


Having a corporate blog is very important to improve the search engine ranking of your company's website. It is essential to keep it active by planning an editorial calendar and periodically publishing new articles of interest to your target audience. The same goes for personal blogs, where you can see your outbursts, your experiences, your opinions. The most difficult step in this activity is certainly to find new topics, [...]

Top Managed WordPress Hosting Providers


Given the huge success that WordPress is having as a platform to develop websites, today I decided to dedicate an article to all those hosting services that offer special plans to make WordPress run at maximum efficiency: they are servers configured ad hoc and optimized for the WordPress platform, so they generally cost a few dollars more than the standard plans, but ensure the server side presence of a [...]



We know well how, nowadays, improving the performance of a website has become essential for the Seo, for marketing purposes, but in general but especially for the proper functioning of the CMS. The web is moving more and more on mobile every day, and having an almost immediate load becomes essential, to prevent users from leaving the site prematurely. If we use WordPress as a cms we have the [...]

3 tips to improve the author page of WordPress


When you start your career as a blogger on WordPress, you have one goal: to publish great content. And increase all the KPI's: visits, shares, comments. But to do this you need to optimize your platform. You have to choose a theme, plugins, a domain. First of all you need to buy a quality hosting to host your resources. That's it, you're ready. What are you missing now? A [...]

5 Tips you should know before launching a WordPress

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Are you thinking about creating your first site with WordPress? Or have you already made many but every time you wonder if you have made the right choices? Here are some things I've learned in these years of work with this CMS.   1) The difficult choice of a theme for WordPress I still remember when it was 2010, I installed WordPress for the first time. At the time, [...]

Understanding WordPress performance


First, we must understand that the performance of a website can be divided into three areas. Each of these areas affects the speed of the website in different ways. The basic principles of performance: Software: Doing Less Things Network: reducing distances Hardware: Read and write faster Surely this is a drastic simplification, but it captures the essence of how optimization should be addressed in each respective field. Software: may [...]

7 steps to improve your website performance


The speed of page loading is very important to ensure good search engine ranking and a better user experience. We know that Google's search algorithm includes page loading times as one of the key parameters when calculating pagerank. Google Take On Speed There is a Google project that can replicate the slowness of a website (or a page). Within a controlled system the speed is deliberately decreased by injecting [...]

The best cache plugins for WordPress


One of the most important parameters that influence the good positioning of a website is in fact the speed. having a website fast and rapid improves fruition and user experience, with an extremely positive impact in the eyes of search engines. The cache plugin does nothing but create a copy of our site and serves it more quickly, a bit like the RAM of a PC than the access [...]

The best plugins for creating popups on WordPress


Do you know what is a popup ? that message that captures your attention and almost automatically causes you to perform an action. Over the years they have become an essential tool for any blog but also for corporate sites. Popups can be used mainly for: subscribe the user to your newsletter download a freebie (for example ebooks) increase the fans of your Facebook page highlight a promotion direct [...]

The best WordPress plugins for creating a contact forms


Contact forms play a key role in the conversion process of a website. That's why it's important to find the right plugin to create a contact form and include this useful feature within a site built with WordPress. The WordPress plugins allow you to insert in your site a form in which visitors enter their basic data to request information and get in touch with the company or the [...]

Best WordPress plugins for Social Media


Sharing articles on social networks is perhaps the most important channel to use to increase the number of visitors to our site. Now there is no modern blog that does not present, at the top or at the end of each article, the social buttons to allow readers to share the article on various Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, linkedin and so on. For this you just need to use Social [...]

Which booking plugins should i use with wordpress ?


The more you can automate, the more you can focus on delivering value to your customers. However, it can be difficult to create automated processes without diminishing the customer experience. Fortunately, some tools can provide both efficiency for you and satisfaction for your customers - and one of these tools is a plug-in for booking and programming WordPress. In fact, there are a myriad of WordPress booking plug-ins that [...]



The success of WordPress is largely due to its ease of use. Everyone loves this software for its ability to transform according to the needs of the user. This flexibility is due to the extensions that are quickly reaching six thousand. Among so many choices which are the TOP of WordPress plugins. Keep in mind that each site has its own specific topic, the classic niche that needs its [...]

The Best of Real Estate WordPress Themes


If your business doesn't have a website or has one, but looks like a site from the '90s, then you're losing a lot of money. This is something that many entrepreneurs don't realize in time and continue to do things as they did 20 years ago, at a time like this where changes are fast this is unacceptable. Such entrepreneurs will end up bankrupt before they even make the [...]

Best WordPress themes for education and associations


In this article you will find a selection of the best wordpress templates for training sites or associations, we are sure that among these you will find the template that best suits your needs. More and more training institutions, associations of all kinds and training sites are developing their own websites on the WordPress platform, and in this article we have selected some of the best templates for associations, [...]



Wordpress travel theme: Cousteau Cousteau is a responsive theme designed for travel agencies. The theme is retina-ready and has specific features for travel, in fact it includes travel itineraries, prices, categorisation, maps and videos that all work directly from the WordPress administration page. The theme also includes a customizable filter system, many customization options and many standard features such as location, shortcodes, custom menu and theme options. Wordpress travel [...]

Best photography themes for WordPress


Are you a professional photographer or are you going to be one? Are you thinking of opening a blog to make yourself known? Then one aspect that deserves your attention is the choice of the template. Choosing a template may not be easy. So let's look at 5 examples of successful templates and see why. I suggest you to exclude free templates. Maybe you don't have a lot of [...]

What is the best Premium WordPress theme ?


How to choose from the best wordpress templates ? Choosing the right template for your WordPress blog must take into account various factors related to the type of content you share with the web. For example, a cooking blog should have a template that is suitable for recipes or videos in which dishes are prepared. A photography blog, on the other hand, should have ample space in which to [...]

What is the best page builder for WordPress ?


To better understand what WordPress page builders are and how they work, we will start with a small introduction on WordPress. WordPress is the most popular website management system. In fact more than 30% of the world's websites have been created with WordPress. The WordPress platform as you know, is great for creating websites even if you are not very experienced in computers. There's nothing easier than creating your [...]

What is the Best WordPress Theme to start a Business website ?


With this article we want to analyze a specific category of themes: WordPress themes for business. If you're looking for the best way to promote your online business, take a look at the suggestions, they'll help you choose the theme that's right for you, and make your site stand out from the competition. Business theme 1: X - Theme It's not often that a theme like this comes up [...]

Advanced Tips for improving your WordPress security


There are at least 3 critical issues that affect most WordPress sites and that we can try to contain by acting on the configuration of the web server: user enumeration, brute force attack and vulnerability on third party plugins (typically SQLi, RCE, Arbitrary/Unrestricted file upload, etc ...). Let's start with order. 1. User enumeration WordPress allows the visualization of the posts of a specific user, valuing the author parameter [...]

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