Top 3 Plugins for Creating an Editorial Calendar in WordPress


I believe that having a calendar for your content is one of the main steps in your content marketing planning.  Today, we're going to show you 3 plugins to create an editorial calendar in WordPress. For example, I'm used to working with several tools at the same time (I even use a computer with 2 monitors and notebook). They are essential tools like Evernote for important notes, Chrome, Outlook, [...]

How to view your WordPress editorial calendar


Do you have a WordPress in which a multitude of authors coexist? Do you always have problems when it comes to knowing when each one of the authors has to write and on what subjects? Honestly, WordPress has many functions that make it very easy for us to write and program content on our website, but what is said in terms of organization among multiple users, the thing flakes [...]

What is the ideal length of A Blog Post


A shorter and more concentrated post, of medium length and more balanced or longer and more dispersed ? The length of blog articles has always created debate in the world of blogging. And no less, it can be the difference between taking the top positions of Google or being relegated to the inner pages of search engine. blog entry length When I talk about bloggers and their blogs, almost [...]



I believe that the blog is a form of communication that has three components: IT IS WRITTEN BY AND FOR PEOPLE This sounds a little obvious, but here I mean the tone. A blog is written with a personal touch. The opposite of this personal touch is writing it in the impersonal or corporate tone used in generic press releases. The tone is close, honest and more like an [...]

What is a blog and how can it help your company?


In an age where web visibility is everything, every company should always pay close attention to the dynamics of the Internet and what potential customers want from it. From this point of view, the blog is an extremely powerful marketing tool, able to bring numerous benefits not only to a level of user engagement, but also to a level of fundamental positioning on search engines such as Google. So [...]

Writing Tips: How to find a new article idea ?


Having a corporate blog is very important to improve the search engine ranking of your company's website. It is essential to keep it active by planning an editorial calendar and periodically publishing new articles of interest to your target audience. The same goes for personal blogs, where you can see your outbursts, your experiences, your opinions. The most difficult step in this activity is certainly to find new topics, [...]

3 tips to improve the author page of WordPress


When you start your career as a blogger on WordPress, you have one goal: to publish great content. And increase all the KPI's: visits, shares, comments. But to do this you need to optimize your platform. You have to choose a theme, plugins, a domain. First of all you need to buy a quality hosting to host your resources. That's it, you're ready. What are you missing now? A [...]