Top Managed WordPress Hosting Providers


Given the huge success that WordPress is having as a platform to develop websites, today I decided to dedicate an article to all those hosting services that offer special plans to make WordPress run at maximum efficiency: they are servers configured ad hoc and optimized for the WordPress platform, so they generally cost a few dollars more than the standard plans, but ensure the server side presence of a [...]



We know well how, nowadays, improving the performance of a website has become essential for the Seo, for marketing purposes, but in general but especially for the proper functioning of the CMS. The web is moving more and more on mobile every day, and having an almost immediate load becomes essential, to prevent users from leaving the site prematurely. If we use WordPress as a cms we have the [...]

Understanding WordPress performance


First, we must understand that the performance of a website can be divided into three areas. Each of these areas affects the speed of the website in different ways. The basic principles of performance: Software: Doing Less Things Network: reducing distances Hardware: Read and write faster Surely this is a drastic simplification, but it captures the essence of how optimization should be addressed in each respective field. Software: may [...]

7 steps to improve your website performance


The speed of page loading is very important to ensure good search engine ranking and a better user experience. We know that Google's search algorithm includes page loading times as one of the key parameters when calculating pagerank. Google Take On Speed There is a Google project that can replicate the slowness of a website (or a page). Within a controlled system the speed is deliberately decreased by injecting [...]

The complete Guide to speed-up your WordPress


Let’s start at the beginning, to understand why and how we can optimize WordPress to make our web or blog in WordPress load much faster and consumes less resources on the server, with the consequent advantages that that means in all aspects. […]

10 Tips to Optimize WordPress and Increase Your page Speed


Nowadays, creating a blog or web with WordPress is really simple and almost anyone can do it. Hire a cheap hosting, download any theme, leas to install plugins to add any detail and in just a few hours, you'll be up and running your brand new website. The problem comes, when the time passes, and you see that you hardly receive visits. This may be due to several problems, [...]