The best cache plugins for WordPress


One of the most important parameters that influence the good positioning of a website is in fact the speed. having a website fast and rapid improves fruition and user experience, with an extremely positive impact in the eyes of search engines. The cache plugin does nothing but create a copy of our site and serves it more quickly, a bit like the RAM of a PC than the access [...]

The best plugins for creating popups on WordPress


Do you know what is a popup ? that message that captures your attention and almost automatically causes you to perform an action. Over the years they have become an essential tool for any blog but also for corporate sites. Popups can be used mainly for: subscribe the user to your newsletter download a freebie (for example ebooks) increase the fans of your Facebook page highlight a promotion direct [...]

The best WordPress plugins for creating a contact forms


Contact forms play a key role in the conversion process of a website. That's why it's important to find the right plugin to create a contact form and include this useful feature within a site built with WordPress. The WordPress plugins allow you to insert in your site a form in which visitors enter their basic data to request information and get in touch with the company or the [...]

Best WordPress plugins for Social Media


Sharing articles on social networks is perhaps the most important channel to use to increase the number of visitors to our site. Now there is no modern blog that does not present, at the top or at the end of each article, the social buttons to allow readers to share the article on various Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, linkedin and so on. For this you just need to use Social [...]

Which booking plugins should i use with wordpress ?


The more you can automate, the more you can focus on delivering value to your customers. However, it can be difficult to create automated processes without diminishing the customer experience. Fortunately, some tools can provide both efficiency for you and satisfaction for your customers - and one of these tools is a plug-in for booking and programming WordPress. In fact, there are a myriad of WordPress booking plug-ins that [...]



The success of WordPress is largely due to its ease of use. Everyone loves this software for its ability to transform according to the needs of the user. This flexibility is due to the extensions that are quickly reaching six thousand. Among so many choices which are the TOP of WordPress plugins. Keep in mind that each site has its own specific topic, the classic niche that needs its [...]