SEO with search engines is not what it was before. It has developed a lot!

Today, you no longer need to spend a lot of time creating thousands of backlinks to improve your ranking with the help of search engines. What you really need is to build a good website or blog site (with fast download times), to write quality content that helps people solve their problems.

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You should also invite these people to share their content because for search engines this is now a significant indicator of quality.

Manually creating thousands of links with high PageRank is very expensive, and even if you have money, it will take months or even years to achieve an acceptable result. For those who have value not to have the necessary experience in SEO, content marketing is presented as an excellent solution.

If you offer them useful, consistent and valuable information, you can almost be sure that they will reward you for activities such as buying your products and services.

Content marketing is free as long as you write your articles. And even if you had to pay someone to do it for you, it is still cheaper than advertising on Google Adwords where prices continue to grow from year to year.

Be careful not to transfer this service to anyone. Work with professionals who are not only recognized but also have good SEO on for example.

It does not matter whether it is paid or free, content marketing is much more effective in the long term than paid search. Well-chosen content usually remains for a long time, while, for example, in order to maintain its first place in Google through the Adwords service, it will have to spend a fortune that, moreover, does not guarantee a return on investment at the level of financial risk.

Instead of investing in short-term solutions that can improve your rating in a few days and cancel it when you have nothing to pay, in our opinion the best way would be to invest in sustainable solutions and not at all expensive. You do the work once, and you like it while you are online.

  • Quality – Search engines (Google) pay great attention to content relevance. Be careful, we are not talking about the relevance of keywords or their provision, but the relevance of your content. Publication of relevant and useful articles.
  • Quantity – relevance is effective here only when it is related to quantity. Again, there is no question of publishing more articles. In order for your content marketing to be effective and bring you many visitors, you need to publish as many relevant and useful articles as possible. The more you post around a particular item, the more likely you are to generate visitors sent by search engines.
  • Frequency – The frequency of publication also plays an important role in the effective marketing of content. For example, you can plan the publication of your articles. It is preferable to choose the same time for all your publications.
  • Detailed content – short items tend to get fewer links than longer ones. Therefore, publish articles, at least 500 words. In general, the longer and more relevant the article, the better it refers. SEO Top Tool will automatically check the word count of the content, keyword density, readability, Meta tags, description, slug, etc.