Do you spend a lot of time to choose the best images for your article ?

Now you should also learn how to optimize them !

In fact, images are an important part of any website as they attract more visitors and customers to your website. But if the images are large and have huge dimensions, they can have a negative impact on your site, since it will greatly increase the loading time.

A good quality image can attract a lot of traffic to your site, so you should take the images seriously while writing your blog posts.

Optimized images can also send traffic through the image search option in Google search. For this you need to optimize your images with the correct tags.


WP Smush it is a popular image optimization plug-in for WordPress and can optimize your JPEG, GIF and PNG images individually or in groups according to your needs.

This plugin is very easy to use. Install the plugin and go to Settings > Media and optimize all existing images. New images will be optimized automatically when you upload a theme.

Using the free version of this plugin you can compress images up to 1 MB in size, while using the Pro version you can optimize images up to 5 MB in size.



When you upload images to your site, the plugin sends the images to Optimus and then sends you the optimized files. The good thing is that this process does not alter the quality of the images. This plugin automatically processes the images as they are uploaded to the site and if you wish you can stop the automatic optimization of the images at any time.


EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimize is a very effective WordPress image optimization plugin that automatically optimizes your images as you upload them to your blog.
You can also optimize the images you have already uploaded to your site. This plugin does not affect the quality of your site but speeds up your site by optimizing the images to the maximum possible extent.


Hammy is an intelligent plugin that creates many smaller versions of images from your content and every time a user or customer visits your website, it will present them with the most appropriate image from the many images it has in its memory. This plugin will provide an exceptional experience for visitors to your website, particularly those who visit your site via small mobile devices.

Bj Lazy Load

In this plugin there are some simple settings that allow you to customize the operation of the plugin, such as choosing a placeholder and skipping images with classes. This plugin serves images optimized for size, automatically serves resized images in reactive models and automatically serves hi-res images for HD screens as in the Apple retinal display.