In an age where web visibility is everything, every company should always pay close attention to the dynamics of the Internet and what potential customers want from it. From this point of view, the blog is an extremely powerful marketing tool, able to bring numerous benefits not only to a level of user engagement, but also to a level of fundamental positioning on search engines such as Google. So let’s see what a blog is and how it can help a company do business.

What is a blog ?

A blog is nothing more than a container in which to place text content. In other words, it is a real collector of news and insights related to a certain theme, such as food and wine or tourism, for example.

But the meaning of blog changes when this tool is adopted by companies: in this case, in fact, we speak of corporate blog. A difference that weighs above all on the level of strategies and objectives.

The corporate blog differs from the common blogs because of a strategy based on “silent promotion“: although not directly advertising the products or services offered by the company’s website, inside there are articles extremely relevant to those issues, which are therefore intended to strengthen the sales activity by providing visitors with an information service, without apparent promotional intent. In this way it is possible to give a semblance of objectivity, untying the blog from the pages related to the sale.

How can the blog help the company?

Doing business today means above all being present on the web and, consequently, fighting with direct competitors to get the best ranking on the pages of search engines like Google. And here is that the corporate blog can first of all become a great tool for web marketing, thanks to the logic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In this sense, in fact, the blog can be enhanced by creating content with the right keywords, which will make these articles easily available on Google’s pages: increasing the visibility of the blog, therefore, will also increase visits and consequently the traffic and sharing of content, which will promote a better positioning of the corporate site in the case of spontaneous link building, generating a virtuous circle. The blog, in short, can become a means to increase the number of customers and to increase the turnover of your business.

Open a blog to differentiate yourself

Today more than ever, a company should differentiate itself from its competitors in order to stand out in its own market. And what better way to do that than by opening a blog ?

Creating a space dedicated to informative, or even emotional, content will encourage users to delve into different aspects of the company, its products and services: for example, you could create articles that tell the story of the company, where it was born and what mission it chose to carry out. We are talking about elements that add pepper, which make a company showcase tastier and therefore more attractive to the eyes of potential customers.

How to differentiate yourself from other blogs

The trick is only one to differentiate from competitors: with content, offering quality and text with the use of related queries and related to the subject, as well as of course to improve as much as possible the usability of the information on the blog.

The corporate blog to break down distances

In the age of social networks and instant communication, there is no more room for formalism between company and customer: in the past, in fact, the company was often seen as an entity light years away, unreachable by simple consumers.

Today, however, customers claim to have direct contact with the company, through a simple, spontaneous communication, where the “you” is replaced by a warm “you”.

And since the pages of the company website must still maintain a certain formality, the blog becomes the perfect excuse to break down this formal wall, allowing the user to read friendly content, which can help him to get in tune with the brand that published them.

Provide new content to social pages

The blog is also a tool that will allow the company to continuously renew the offer of its social pages, publishing the articles on the blog and moving a showcase that, otherwise, would risk remaining empty and desolate.

Moreover, publishing articles on social networks such as Facebook will increase the number of clicks received by the company’s website, all at the expense of the competition. Without considering that, in the case of sharing articles by users, the company can take advantage of what has always been the best promotional weapon: word of mouth.

The blog informs to sell

Having a blog means starting from a great premise: to inform the user, to push him to buy the products or services offered by the company.

Put yourself in the shoes of consumers: would you prefer to buy from a sterile e-commerce, or would you prefer to contact those who give you information articles, and who can produce an emotion in you?

There’s no doubt about it: the blog is about gaining their trust with quality, offering content that can help them or answer their questions. In this way you will be able to create a loyal relationship, which must be absolutely maintained on certain standards: once you have started a blog, in fact, you can not afford breaks of any kind, because you will undermine that trust built with great effort over time.