The creation of SEO evergreen content is the SEO strategy that tries to make the positioning of the content does not depend on search trends. What you are looking for is that traffic remains constant over time. It is an alternative that comes before the continuous creation of fresh and varied content and that is based on betting on content that triggers the visibility of the website.

If we analyze keywords like “SEO agency” or “Santa Claus,” we will see that there are different tendencies depending on the time factor. The very name of the term gives us a clue: “Evergreen” is translated as “perennial,” a content whose value prevails over time. We speak, for example, of comparisons, lists, tips or advice, and other formats.

Therefore, the goal of SEO evergreen content is to give an elaborate and worked-out answer on a subject of general interest. This, in addition, must be characterized as having an interest in the general public that is maintained over time.

The evergreen content is one that is relevant and useful for a long period of time without hardly needing updates. The objective when we create this type of texts is to act as a reference, both for readers and in the creation of another type of content.

It is based on three basic pillars:

  1. It has no expiration date.
  2. The quality.
  3. The value.

No expiration date

The information is useful and relevant all the time. The only updates you may require are those related to a change of your images and/or links.


The evergreen content requires even more effort than other types of posts. If we want to become a reference, we will have to dedicate more time to research and produce our article. If this is not good enough to attract visitors and get links, it will never become a perennial content.


The objective is to create a piece that serves as a point of reference for those who are beginning to research on a specific topic.

Why is evergreen content important for SEO?

The evergreen content is extremely important if we want to improve the on-page SEO of our website. In particular, we can highlight six reasons why this type of post are so relevant to SEO:

  1. Its value extends over time.
  2. It has been created with the main keywords and will attract traffic to the web.
  3. We can use them to give more information about our products or services.
  4. It allows us to improve our reputation.
  5. It favors the link building.
  6. It favors the architecture of our website.

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