To better understand what WordPress page builders are and how they work, we will start with a small introduction on WordPress. WordPress is the most popular website management system.
In fact more than 30% of the world’s websites have been created with WordPress. The WordPress platform as you know, is great for creating websites even if you are not very experienced in computers.

There’s nothing easier than creating your own WordPress website. In the current rankings, WordPress is considered the Best Program to create websites.

Page builder for wordpress allows you to create impressive websites that look like they were designed by a real web designer, all for free. The speed of the wordpress page builder and its performance affect not only the site, but especially the user experience. Page builder for wordpress allows you to create and edit a WordPress page using drag and drop mode.

1. ELEMENTOR – the fastest one

Originally launched in 2016, Elementor Page Builder is one of the best page builders in this list. Elementor has quickly conquered the web has become one of the most popular builders of existing WordPress pages. Its fame is a fast visual interface, flexible styling options and powerful other features such as creating complete themes. The plugin is free and available in the WordPress plugin directory. instead if you want to take advantage of the many other features of this eye-catching wordpress page builder, the Elementor Pro version starts at $49 to be used on a single site.

The free Elementor version includes 28 free widgets, you can also use all major WordPress widgets. The Pro version adds another 30 widgets, offering a total of 58 widgets in the Pro version. The free version also includes 40 free templates. And the Pro version adds hundreds of additional templates available in two formats: pages (full-page drawings that you just have to edit) and blocks (individual sections that you can assemble as Lego). You can also save your drawings as templates for later reuse.

Elementor is the fastest wordpress page builder at the moment. The loading time of Elementor’s pages is very fast. Find out more by trying the free version of Elementor !

2. DIVI BUILDER – the simplest, the most loved one!

Divi Builder is the easiest to use, a popular wordpress page builder released in late October 2015. This page builder for wordpress is multi-function. Called a user-friendly page generator. It can be used to create different types of WordPress sites such as to create a ‘simple’ blog, an ecommerce site, a showcase site. Created from the fantastic Divi theme of Elegant Themes, Divi builder is a feature-rich content creation solution, has an easy to use interface, a great selection of content modules, many pre-configured layouts and an endless list of options to help you edit things and customize your content the way you want it.

3. SITEORIGIN – the most popular!

This wordpress page builder has managed to collect over 1 million active installations on, making it the most popular plugin for creating wordpress pages. SiteOrigin is suitable for those who after the first experiments with their blog want to work more advanced with content and exposure of the same and do not want neither time to learn how to do it “traditionally”. Very useful for the more experienced who need to have online a site/blog in a very short time ready and pleasant.

There is the free version and the Premium package that starts from $ 29. SiteOrigin has two interfaces that you can use to create your own design. You have the original backend editor, you can drag and drop blocks or click on a specific block to edit it. This editor gives you more space to work, but it lacks any kind of live preview.

In addition to the main WordPress widgets, SiteOrigin Page Builder also offers a free Widget Bundle plug-in that adds a modular set of 23 widgets that you can use. It also includes 25 predefined templates that you can use. You can’t save your designs as templates, but you can easily clone existing pages that offer you similar functionality. Find out more about SiteOrigin by trying out the free version!

4. VISUAL COMPOSER – the most intuitive one

Visual Composer is another wordpress page builder. It helps to make the construction of your web page simple and fast and to customize it as you want. The Visual Composer is already integrated into a good Premium theme if you go to buy it at ThemeForest. Visual Composer is a plugin for WordPress and the installation is therefore the same that you use to install the other plugins within the plugin directory of WordPress. The plugin costs 34$, but for what it allows you to do it costs very little! It’s worth the investment, especially because the Visual Composer for WordPress will save you a lot of valuable time and also gives you the ability to create beautiful websites.