How to choose from the best wordpress templates ? Choosing the right template for your WordPress blog must take into account various factors related to the type of content you share with the web. For example, a cooking blog should have a template that is suitable for recipes or videos in which dishes are prepared. A photography blog, on the other hand, should have ample space in which to insert photos and images.

Often the free themes do not guarantee high degrees of customization and therefore it becomes difficult to respond to all the needs that your blog requires; on the contrary, the premium templates are already equipped with many features with which you can customize your blog.

What are the best WordPress templates for a blog ?

1. Newspaper:

very intuitive template, used for news blogs, information, reviews, etc… All menus use a “drag and drop” interface, basically you just need the mouse to create your own design. This theme offers full SEO support, uses responsive designs and supports Google Ads and AdSense.

2. Website:

A beautiful responsive theme, which adapts to the size of the device on which it is displayed, an aspect that is becoming increasingly important as mobile usage increases. This template has several customization options, from style to colors, layout, sliders and you can also create a contact form to get the emails of your readers.
You’ll also find a number of shortcodes to create buttons, columns, icons, boxes and much more. From a technical point of view this template is optimized for SEO and is supported by the major modern browsers.

3. Sahifa:

Sahifa is very easy to use, with a modern and refined design but at the same time very light and fast loading. These qualities make it an ideal candidate for websites dedicated to blogging, news and text content of various kinds.

4. SimpleMag:

lends itself to all types of blogs (fashion, gaminng, reviews, etc…). It doesn’t offer great levels of customization but, if you like the style of the template, with a few steps you’ll have a site ready to start your career online. It uses responsive design, offers full compatibility with the most popular tools on WordPress and has excellent documentation for those who are less experienced.

5. Hemlock:

theme for online blogging that offers a modern design, but very readable. You can notice the large images with captions that lead to the articles, great attention to social and many possibilities of customization. This theme is also well suited to host videos, music and image galleries for those blogs that point more to multimedia.