WordPress stands out as one of the best platforms for blogs, it is a content manager used daily by large numbers of users. However, there is one drawback that it must constantly face: spam.

Among the most used forms of spam, the comments of the different publications are accentuated. It becomes something quite annoying, problematic and even invasive for people who actively participate with your content. Many times, the main reason is to take advantage of the positioning of certain pages to place links to others.

That is why today we bring you some of the most used plugins to stop spam, which will help you significantly in the face of this difficulty.


On your blog, can your visitors freely register as a subscriber or guest author ? Are you affected by fake users, automatically created by spammers ? Sabre is the solution to definitively stop these bad Bots.

List of available functions:

– Inclusion of an image code in the registration form.
– Insertion of a text test in the registration form.
– Registration blocked if Javascript is not supported by the browser.
– Blocked registration if the visitor’s IP address is on the ban lists.
– The user can validate his registration by clicking on a link sent by mail.
– Limited number of days for user confirmation.
– Login prohibited before user confirmation.
– The visitor is allowed to choose his password to register on the site.
– The user must agree to a warning text, disclaimer or a general policy note.

Stop Spammers Registration Plugin

This plugin is like “the leader” of all security plugins, as it uses 15 different strategies to block spammers; almost completely eliminating spam logs and comments.
Want to know more? Here are some of the features that count:

– SPAM referring to StopForumSpam.com
– ProjectHoneypot
– BotScout
– DNSBL lists as Spamhaus.org
– Disposable email addresses.

This is a powerful anti-spam plugin that discards unwanted comments and emails, spam contact forms, and spam registration. It’s ideal for protecting against all kinds of malicious attacks.


This plugin has a fundamental feature: it allows you to modify the registration link of your WordPress website, resulting in a reduced number of spam registrations.

The default WordPress registration link is “wp-login.php? Action = register” and focuses essentially on spam robots. This plugin creates a custom registration form to redirect the default page to the custom page, thus avoiding malicious registrations.



This add-on is excellent for achieving a clean database, since the registry hinders spam. After user registration, WangGuard will check in a centralized database if the user is a spam-user and if it determines that the user is a splogger, it does not allow registration on your site.

It does not use any type of filter in the registry, such as an image code. This is what characterizes the plugin, making the registration extremely simple and then filtered; likewise, if you want to put more functions to block spammers, WangGuard gives you the possibility to add one or more security questions.

Plugin Growmap anti Spambot

Growmap adds a generated checkbox next to the client in its feedback form asking users to confirm that they are not a spammer.

A check is made that the checkbox has been checked before sending the comment, so there is no chance that it will be lost if it was made by a real user.

In addition, you can set the maximum amount of comments a user can have in the moderation queue to protect your posts from unnecessary dimensioning rows.