The emergence of Smartphones has radically changed our lives. We have developed a huge addiction to them. They’ve made looking at our mobile phone the first thing we do every morning. And the last thing we do at night. We use them for absolutely everything. And this is where Mobile SEO comes into play and how important it has become in recent times.

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we use the web, and so has SEO. Most of the searches we do on the internet are from the mobile. So, we want to know what we should do to make our website appear as high up as possible when we search through a smartphone.

What is Mobile SEO ?

Mobile SEO consists of optimizing your website so that it is compatible for users who access it from mobile phones and tablets. This practice consists of looking for the correct way to make the resources included in your page accessible to the search engines of a smartphone.

58% of Google searches are done from a mobile device. This trend is growing faster and faster. According to Google, there are almost 30,000 million more queries made from smartphones than from desktop computers.

What is Google Mobile First ?

Google’s Mobile-First index ranks search results based only on pages that have only the mobile version. This tool even works by searching from a desktop.

There are advantages to this Google feature that you should know:

  • If your website is perfectly optimized for mobile devices appears in searches without any problem.
  • Load the resources of your page in all devices.
  • The page loads in a much more agile and fast way.
  • You can introduce internal links and redirections.
  • In the case of not having optimized correctly the mobile function for your web page Google will show less your page and will not have so much reach.

There is one thing that is important and you should know and that is that Google considers “mobile device” only smartphones. It does not include tablets, because there is already a special category for them.

We recommend optimizing your site for any device. This way there will be no problem with SEO.

What are the advantages of Mobile SEO ?

We’ve been talking about mobile SEO for a while now and now it’s time to look into each of the advantages it can offer us. Pay attention, because this will surely interest you.

Use of Geolocation

In mobiles we have a factor that is much more precise than in desktop computers. It’s about location. With a smartphone we can access the user’s location almost exactly. This allows the information provided by the search engine to be much more relevant and concrete, something that will greatly favor the user. For example, if we are looking for an exact place, from a mobile phone we can know the position in which we are and this way, know how far away we are from the place we want to go.

A mobile device = a user

From a desktop computer we can search for information by one or several users, whereas when we perform a search from a mobile device, it is almost always carried out by a single person. This gives us more detailed information about this person and makes it easier for us to offer you content of interest.

A better use

Websites that are optimized for mobiles allow you to take better advantage of access features. For example, screen formats change from a computer to a smartphone screen, they are smaller, this forces to make more efficient use of space. When we optimize the web for a mobile we have to take into account another factor and that is that our users will use the reduced keyboard to fill out our forms, perform searches and so on. We have to achieve adequate dimensions so that the person who visits our site feels comfortable and does not find difficulties when browsing our website.

Keys to Mobile SEO

These three key points that I will tell you below are vital when optimizing your mobile website. You should keep them in mind.

  • You must tell Google if your page has mobile format or not. This simplifies Google’s work and helps it display the right content to users with search results. It will also give you a better positioning.
  • Make sure resources can be crawled. If the Google robot doesn’t have access to the resources on your page, it won’t detect that it’s created for a mobile device and won’t display it.
  • Avoid beginner errors. Don’t include videos that can cause problems when playing. If your page offers the user a poor experience, its positioning will worsen considerably because Google will show less and less of your page and the visitor will probably not return.