Having a corporate blog is very important to improve the search engine ranking of your company’s website. It is essential to keep it active by planning an editorial calendar and periodically publishing new articles of interest to your target audience. The same goes for personal blogs, where you can see your outbursts, your experiences, your opinions.

The most difficult step in this activity is certainly to find new topics, new ideas for writing content. It can happen periods where you have already created articles for all the ideas you had in mind and you do not know where to find inspiration.

How and where to find ideas to write articles on the blog

With this article I want to give you some ideas to stay inspired and find so many topics to increase the number of articles to be published periodically in your editorial plan. Let’s see together what they are.

Drawing inspiration from your personal experiences

You live with the awareness that you want to tell what you do. In your work, every day you solve problems for users, every day you learn new things: tell them in your company blog. I often work for some clients and think that I could explain some activities in my blog with a detailed guide.

The same goes for the personal blog, in everyday life every day you learn new notions, live new experiences. Find inspiration also from the little things, from the little conclusions you’ve drawn during the day, from the reasoning you do during the day.

Get advice from people you’re in touch with

If you have a corporate or professional blog, the best way to find inspiration for new content to write in your blog is to ask the customers with whom you are closest. Ask them what they would need, of course whether it’s about your industry or the topic of your blog. Help them with detailed guide articles, you could help a lot of other people looking for the same problem on the web.

When someone follows your personal blog, they want to relax by reading interesting new articles. Ask the people closest to you, such as friends or family, for advice on what they would like to read. Asking for feedback from active readers of your blog is also a good move, you could do it at the end of some of your articles so as to also increase the interaction and relationship with them.

Find inspiration from conversations

In social media, communities or “places” where conversations are allowed, you can find inspiration for new articles from other people’s comments. In groups, interesting discussions often arise, which I like to follow very much, and where new ideas for writing content are born.

Save a list of links where there’s a lot of interaction, check it out regularly and you’ll often find new ideas for writing.

New ideas from multimedia

There are several social media sites, such as Pinterest or Instagram. Scroll through newsfeeds, search by hashtag or keyword and find inspiration from images or videos.

Here, too, interesting discussions can arise in the comments, from which to draw new topics and new solutions to be published in your blog.

Question and Answer Sites

Many of my ideas for writing guide articles come to mind thanks to question and answer sites, such as Quora or Yahoo Answers.

In these portals you’ll find people asking for advice, tutorials and questions about how to solve some of their problems. Take the opportunity to write articles with a good SEO basis and placed on the first pages of search engines with the right keywords.

Search engines can provide you with new ideas

By writing a simple word in the search engines, you will see some related recommended words associated with the term you wrote ticked. Take this as your starting point for writing new articles.

Wander the web

Like when you zap on television, jump from page to page reading the contents of the various websites that interest you. No matter how long, you may finally find the topic that inspires you most to write a new article in your blog.

Remember not to copy, as well as not being common sense is also penalizing at the level of SEO, just take inspiration maybe from some paragraph of the articles you read. Go deeper, quote and insert the sources.

Apply changes in your daily life

When you have a personal blog it is difficult for people to be attracted in the same way if you always write about the same topics, in the same way. Apply small changes to your life, read new books, new writers and new titles, even the ones you never thought possible. Listen to new genres of music. Perform new activities.

All this will change the way you write, improve it in some ways. Some of your points of view will change a lot. You will have an increasingly open mind

3 tools to find ideas for writing on the blog

There are many online tools on the web to find new ideas for your blog’s articles, filtering the search by target group, language, follow up and much more. I want to recommend the ones I prefer and use daily.


Thanks to Feedly you can group all the RSS feeds of the blogs that you find interesting and that you actively follow, dividing them by categories. It’s a very convenient solution so you don’t miss the news of your sector or sectors that interest you and the articles of your favorite bloggers. A good way to stay up to date.

It’s a free basic tool, but there’s also a paid plan that will benefit you with a number of benefits. One of these, very useful to find new ideas, is the advanced search to find articles both in your list of saved RSS feeds but especially among those that are not present.


BuzzSumo is an online tool that allows you to search with keywords of your choice showing you the news that have been most followed with it. Free of charge it will give you 10 results for every word you enter, with a very well-structured filter on the left.

Thanks to the paid plan you can find hundreds of thousands of results, receive alerts when news of your industry is having so much follow up and other features.


AnswerThePublic is a free tool that gives you a lot of ideas for new titles (and therefore content) for your blog articles. The results of this tool are all the most searched questions in the search engine by people with the keyword you entered. A good solution for when you want to write guide articles to increase the visits of your blog.