A SEO polestar
is born.

The SEO plugin for WordPress that connects all major SEO data-driven services together to explore new SEO strategies with unique data crossing insights and experimental algorithms

google services

Introducing a true Google services hub

SEOTopTool synergies data from Google Trend, Google Analytic, Google SearchConsole and Google Site Speed in one unique way. Explore your SEO work in a radical new approch with new unique workflows and time savers.

New algorithms, New Strategies !

Effective SEO is hard, time consuming, and most of the time based on empirical subjective experiences. SEOTopTools is giving you new data analysis to help you rethink your growth strategies and drive your discoveries toward inovative SEO work.


Keep Google bots interesting !

Managing your content indexation is tedious work. SEOTopTools introduces a new toolset of crawling and sitemap automations services. Keeping your site apealing to bots in a completely automated fashion.

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Easy to use step-by-step wizard

Perfect Google Analytics integration

Live insights from Google Trend

Load faster with Google PageSpeed

Manage your SEO with Google Search Console

Advanced 404 errors monitor

Automated sitemap management tool

Innovative algorithm for better SEO strategy

Better Title and meta description snippet

Get notified when the beta is released