Advanced Tips for improving your WordPress security


There are at least 3 critical issues that affect most WordPress sites and that we can try to contain by acting on the configuration of the web server: user enumeration, brute force attack and vulnerability on third party plugins (typically SQLi, RCE, Arbitrary/Unrestricted file upload, etc ...). Let's start with order. 1. User enumeration WordPress allows the visualization of the posts of a specific user, valuing the author parameter [...]

WordPress Security: useful Tips


The security of WordPress is a topic of enormous importance for any website owner. Every week, Google finds about 20,000 websites with malware and about 50,000 phishing sites. If you are seriously interested in your business, you should pay attention to WordPress's best security practices. In this guide we will share all of WordPress' key security tips to help you protect your website from hackers and malwares. Improving WordPress [...]

Basic tips for your WordPress security


Developing a site with WordPress is always an exciting adventure: ideas, plugins to try, "content creation" and design, a thousand tests before reaching a finished product. In the midst of this creative process, the security of the WordPress site must be considered. A "100% secure" site is difficult to obtain, but this is not the reason why the issue should be ignored: the owners of the site are also [...]

How to set a login attempts Limit for more WordPress security


Where do you log in to your backend? Exactly - via the login page of your website. This is in its default settings even for the "hobby" hacker quickly found, as well as the default ID of your administrator. If you're not so sure about password security now, a hacker can use information gathered about you or scripts to find out the password. He just tries it in your [...]

4 tips to make your WordPress site more secure


Many website owners may think that their own website is so small or unimportant that it wouldn't be an interesting target for hackers. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you. Actually, almost every website is interesting to hack. It's often about the more websites that are hacked, the closer the hacker gets to his or her goal. These goals are often financial or political. Some types of hacks are: Defacement: [...]

Should I secure my WordPress with HTTPS ?


Google recently indicated that they would count the safety of a website as a weighting in their ranking. This means that if you secure your site with an SSL certificate, you will be able to rank higher in the search results. Google will not let go of how strong this weighting is, but it will let it be taken into account in the future.   Your website visitors A [...]

Protecting WordPress: the checklist


More than 30 percent of all websites on the internet use WordPress. Because this CMS is so widely used, there are many hackers who try to hack into WordPress websites. A hacked WordPress website is no fun for anyone. This checklist helps you to check whether your website is properly secured. Choose a reliable hosting party One of the most important factors for the security of your WordPress website [...]