Best Practices for Hosting a WordPress

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WordPress is a great tool but, to work well, it requires the right resources, come on, like any content manager. WordPress itself requires very few resources but how many people do you know who use a WordPress to hair? Little or none. Most people look for a template that is not a Standard one, and always install some plugin that does something special. In short, although WordPress requires some [...]

HOW TO Resize Image in WordPress

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The issue of resizing images in your WordPress is always a little hard because, although the homogeneity in any blog, magazine or online media in general is one of the things that squeal most to the user, almost never do any case. In fact, there are a lot of blogs and media, some more amateur than others, that do not follow homogeneity either in form or concept, and of [...]


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WordPress stands out as one of the best platforms for blogs, it is a content manager used daily by large numbers of users. However, there is one drawback that it must constantly face: spam. Among the most used forms of spam, the comments of the different publications are accentuated. It becomes something quite annoying, problematic and even invasive for people who actively participate with your content. Many times, the [...]

Getting Started with WordPress in 6 steps

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Let me guess. You're going to create a website. You already know the subject matter, the content you want to add and what you are going to sell on it. So you're ready to start, right? But wait a minute. You don't know how to get started with WordPress ? This article will help you with the process. Today I come with my technological sherpa cape to tell you [...]

5 Tips you should know before launching a WordPress

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Are you thinking about creating your first site with WordPress? Or have you already made many but every time you wonder if you have made the right choices? Here are some things I've learned in these years of work with this CMS.   1) The difficult choice of a theme for WordPress I still remember when it was 2010, I installed WordPress for the first time. At the time, [...]