Why you should absolutely optimize your website to mobile ?

2019-06-18T17:16:35+02:00Mobile SEO|

A lot of people think that mobile users are not that important. However, what not everyone has realized is that mobile devices are as present in homes and businesses as computers. And that makes it essential that your website works well on these small devices. But why optimize a mobile site? Know the main reasons. The fact is, if you're not optimizing for mobile devices, you end up losing [...]

Indexing on mobile devices: 8 best practices for your website

2019-06-18T17:08:31+02:00Mobile SEO|

Over the past decade, there has been rapid growth in the use of mobile devices. With the widespread use of smartphones, sites receive more and more traffic from these devices. To give you an idea, currently, the number of Google searches made on mobile devices reaches just over 50% of total online searches. Therefore, it is necessary to consider mobile devices as an important source of traffic to your [...]


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The use of smartphones and tablets as the first Internet access tools has already surpassed the option of using desktops and notebooks, which clearly proves that it is necessary to have a mobile site properly prepared to meet this demand. Otherwise, we run the risk of losing a large amount of traffic and many business deals. But it is also not enough simply to have a mobile site, Optimizing [...]

SEO Mobile: how to optimize your website for mobile device

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Research shows that the vast majority of people use more than one mobile phones. Have you noticed how many people currently use smartphones and tablets ? Google does and is increasingly keeping an eye on mobile users. One of the most important factors for SEO today is the optimization of websites for mobile devices. Check in this post all about SEO for Mobile and how to optimize your site [...]

The importance of adapting websites to mobile

2019-06-17T17:11:49+02:00Mobile SEO|

Current trends in navigation, e-commerce, Apps, queries, ticket purchases and reservations, etc., are positioning mobile devices as the preferred means of consumers and users. The mobile market is unstoppable and its hegemony in the world of advertising and on-line promotion is becoming unquestionable. However, the technologies and possibilities offered by the market must be used effectively, according to the projected mobile marketing strategy. Therefore, mobile websites and mobile apps [...]

Why you should really care about your mobile SEO ?

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The emergence of Smartphones has radically changed our lives. We have developed a huge addiction to them. They've made looking at our mobile phone the first thing we do every morning. And the last thing we do at night. We use them for absolutely everything. And this is where Mobile SEO comes into play and how important it has become in recent times. Mobile phones have revolutionized the way [...]