For some years now, having an SEO strategy is becoming a must to get a website in the results of the main search engines. We can assure that having an adequate SEO strategy will be essential in order to achieve successful positioning.

There is greater competition in the online environment and it is necessary to differentiate and carry out online marketing actions that allow enhancing the brand against the rest. For this reason, if you have a website and you still do not have a clear idea of ​​how to position it in the top positions of the SERPs, surely this article will be of great help.


Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of any SEO strategy. This is because, without terms to deal with the contents of the web, it is impossible to do SEO. These words are determined by the themes and concepts that we want to attack. With tools such as SEMrush, we will carry out a sounding of words related to that subject to be treated, in order to obtain the best ideas.

Not only will we obtain important data of the words we have entered (volume of searches, competition, and CPC), but we will also obtain a wide list of long tails and related words, which can greatly help us when developing our SEO strategy.

It is best to find terms that, in addition to being related to the themes of our website or business, have their parameters as balanced as possible.

SEO Copywriting

Your content must be adapted to the theme but always incorporating the main keyword that you have chosen, as well as a series of terms (variety of keywords used in the content) closely related to it in terms of search intent.

The density of this keyword must be high enough to position the content, but it must not be excessive in the face of a natural reading by users and not incur keyword problems with Google Stuffing (excessive repetition of terms considered as technique spam by the search engine).

The ideal is a density of between 1% and 2% of appearance in relation to the number of total words in the text. SEO Top Tool can help you optimize the density of focus keywords in your content.

Image Optimization

Another element that helps your SEO strategy succeed is the images. They must adapt to the measures of the website, establishing a standard design that favors the usability of the page. It is best to have a weight of less than 100 KB and be saved with the name of one of the related long tails that you have used in the content. In addition, you must mark the alt attribute in them to favor:

  • The understanding by the search engine of its relationship with the content it accompanies and illustrates.
  • The indexing and positioning by search engines.

Internal and External Linking

Internal links will bring wealth to your content. They provide your visitors with more information that may be useful to them in order to understand the main article. Its use also favors the time spent on your website and the number of page views.

Of course, it must be a coherent and quality link, because if you link at discretion without any kind of sense, you will penalize your SEO strategy or dilute the link juice (strength of positioning) for domain pages that are not really interesting. So, we recommend SEO Top Tool, which provides you internal link suggestions to other relevant posts or pages on your website.

Another important aspect of your SEO strategy is the use of external linking. This in turn can bring you external links that lead to your website (for example, if you make a ranking and mention some companies in the sector, then you can ask the same in return, or even that other companies may want to appear in said list and offer you some link or mention in exchange).

URL and Meta description

The optimization of on-page SEO will depend to a great extent on the disposition of your URLs. The easier you put it to Google to track your pages, much better. Therefore, you must insist on making the URLs friendly in each and every one of your pages.

This means, use the keywords briefly and concisely in them (remember, always one keyword per page and do not repeat it in any other to avoid generating paging problems). SEO Top Tool significantly helps you in this regard by letting you know the duplicate keywords.

On the other hand, you must be very careful in your Meta description. This is the small paragraph on your page that appears in Google results when someone is searching. It should be brief, eye-catching and include the target keyword as this will significantly improve the CTR (click to rate). SEO Top Tool is one of the best WordPress plugins that allow you to write captivating Meta descriptions.