Are you a professional photographer or are you going to be one? Are you thinking of opening a blog to make yourself known? Then one aspect that deserves your attention is the choice of the template.

Choosing a template may not be easy. So let’s look at 5 examples of successful templates and see why.

I suggest you to exclude free templates. Maybe you don’t have a lot of money or you would like to save, I understand!

However, choosing a “premium”, i.e. paid template, has considerable advantages:

  • a more professional design
  • a more performing template
  • the availability of updates and assistance

There are several marketplaces where you can find such templates at an affordable price. The most famous is Themeforest.

Barlume, WordPress Theme

Barlume is a WordPress theme that has been around a bit and is even more practical when it comes to a WordPress site for photographers. If you are a WordPress agency, this theme should be part of the themes you have in your possession, I am sure you will be required to use it regularly.

In addition to allowing you to create full screen image type interfaces, you will have the pleasure of having many graphic elements and transition effects available. In addition, this theme has other advantages such as quality support, or a very frequent update regularly a security code and high compatibility with as many web browsers as possible.

It will also be noted that Ajax is the game for this theme, which will allow our users not to have to wait between a mouse click. And when you know how a user can quickly get tired of waiting and leave our site, it is also a feature that has a real interest in everyday life.

Snaps, WordPress Theme

You are a photographer, but you think that not only post photos to your blog? Have you ever heard of ticket formats? If you already use WordPress, there is a very high probability that you have already seen it in your administration interface, the part of the blog but you have ever understood what it meant. And because of these famous ticket formats has an interest for you, you need that the designer of the theme you use is set, otherwise, this feature will not be accessible.

Snaps belongs to you these themes that have the foresight to make us available and useful, this feature ticket formats. Thus, you can enter different types of tickets, which each have a different view, depending on the format chosen.

With this theme, you are six different formats supported such as audio format, video format, or image gallery. If you are going to use this type of multimedia format, then you will undoubtedly really appreciate the possibility of using that ticket formats.

Expo, WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme image is developed by a group of designers specializing in creating themes for photographers, it is not for nothing that at first glance, we immediately see that it is a theme dedicated to images.

Speaking of the menu, two things. The first is the form it takes. It is in the form of the button at the top right. And I don’t think it will be so only for mobile phone interfaces, as this is the form it takes, whatever the screen resolution that will connect to your website.

The advantage of this type of reduced to simple menu is that it allows you to clearly highlight our photos, without the menu invades it. I know from experience that this type of menu can be scary. It is often said that you take a risk from such a menu on your website, after all, all users may not understand that this is not the menu.

Then two things about that. Yeah, you should never want to make a site for Internet users, it’s simply impossible. And he wants the hare and the cabbage, we ended up having a site that is suitable for anyone. Then the icon used for the style of the menu is very well known and increasingly use the site. There is therefore likely to the vast majority of visitors master the subject. Do not hire for more stupid than you are. The second thing to say about this menu is that it works in tele off mode. The effect is really very nice once it is open, I like it because in addition to obscuring the photo center, so the user focuses on. It’s very well thought out.

I told you that your photos will be displayed in a conventional way can, and this is the case, because once you have passed the home page, this is a horizontal scrolling site that will offer to you. So I must say that on the computer screen, rendering does not really transcend me. But as soon as you go through your website by a touch of mobile device, the effect is really fantastic.

Speaking of mobile interfaces, I almost forgot to say that yes, this theme is perfectly responsive.

Oyster, WordPress Theme

To convince you that theme photographers can take any form, a theme designer can take two different paths. Either you say you can do everything, or prove it. Oyster is the second path that has been chosen.

We find this theme of comfort that you liked especially for images take all the dimensions they deserve. One of these is the ability to view them in full screen. I love this kind of effect when it comes to photo site, because I think full screen provides a significant effect of immersion, and when you view his work on his website, it is important, that the user immediately inserts into the universe they want to convey to the photographer. In addition, your site will be both reactive and retina ready. For a site photographer, having a retina-ready website is in my opinion a very important criterion. Don’t you know what to see in a retinas? This is a screen that has two pixels per square inch. This is to have enough pixels to no longer able the human eye to see the pixelation on the screen.

We will also have access to a dark and light version of this theme, a mode of portoflio wall or 3D mode, many different layouts for the blog and has the ability to insert videos in full screen mode . Do not forget that this WordPress theme is accompanied by Revolution Slider, One of the best plugins for slides management.